Saturday, May 9, 2009

Underemployed and Understimulated

So I just realized that I have not posted anything on here for nearly 3 months. I don't think this is really detrimental to anyone as I have a grand total of TWO followers, one of which is not me. But, for anyone of my Facebook or Twitter friends who decide to stop by, then hey, here I am and I kind of didn't forget I had a blog.

I actually considered recently just making this blog mostly a photography page where I could use the nearly $1000 camera that I don't really know how to use, but now being out of work, have plenty of time to use. Alas, aka FML...during my various moves lately, I cracked the optics on it. Fantastic. Looks like the 3.2mp with 4x zoom on my BlackBerry will have to do for now, though I probably won't be praised for my depth of focus or light usage, mostly by jerks who don't understand my art.

Let's chat a bit about how much I HATE looking for a job, and using the word 'chat'. It's been just about 3 years since I last had to do this dance with the devil, but back then it was pretty painless, because I took the job on the 2nd resume submitted and first interview I went on. I was thinking about was how I should give this blog a flashier layout. I'll jump on Photoshop after this and make something design-y. Or maybe I'll just make the background full of dancing babies and flying toasters. Now I'm thinking about how often my mind wanders. Anyway, I was thinking how interviews are conversations about your life from now on. Sure, you get certain things out of the way like experience and how much green they rain on you every two weeks, but really, you will spend more time at this place and with these people than you will anyone or anywhere else in your life now. Now I know that most of the time it's just 40 hours out of the 168 that take place in the week, but most of those other hours are spent sleeping or relaxing in preparation for another work day. For a single dude or brawd, that means that we are couch-bound weeknights and weekend alcoholics. So work is what defines us. As do our blogs and social network profiles. If you have a significant other, spouse or lil bambino(s) at home to keep you company, then it's probably better. You probably wouldn't blog a bunch about how blogging is all you have. Actually, other single, childless people probably do fill their lives with other stuff, but not this guy.

So, my industry was based upon the housing and mortgage/construction market. So because some jerk-off overextended on a mortgage he/she already couldn't afford, and told 2,000,000 friends that they could do the same, I have a whole portion of my life ripped away. And I have to keep renting. I hope you die in a car crash with a tax attorney car pooling with two pedophiles, you giant bag of douche. In the meantime I will keep spewing my brain juice on the computer for whoever wants in.

That's all I got for now.

Website hotness this time: TextsFromLastNight --it gives me a warm feeling inside that this site exists.

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